Flight of the Conchords

created by James Bobin, Brett McKensie and Jemaine Clement for HBO

Season One and Two

Directors: James Bobin, Troy Miller, Taika Waititi, Michael Patrick Jann,

Paul Simms, Michel Gondry.

 Director of Photography: Patrick Stewart

A camera operator, Second unit DP: James Callanan

This clip is from the episode 'Unnatural Love' directed by Michel Gondry.  Michel Gondry & James Callanan together shot all the superimposed background subjects and both appear in the clip.  

This 'music video' was nominated for an Emmy award for Best Song. 


"the funniest thing you've seen in ages...exceedingly more great than you expect going in.

-Tim Goodman, San Francisco Chronicle


"hilariously detached genius...Conchords spins comic gold out of the sparest components."

-Onion AV Club